Financial risk management

Scientific Director: Prof. Eleonora Isaia

We are approaching the tenth anniversary of the financial crisis and if we look back to 2007-2008 we observe that the global financial system has changed significantly. Several regulatory reforms were implemented by the Prudential Authorities to address vulnerabilities and make the system safer. Financial institutions have been strengthened as well their risk management systems, adjusting to the so called “the new normal”—an environment of negative interest rates, unending regulatory changes, political instability and new emerging risks.

In order to enrich and stimulate the current debate on the key challenges of financial risk management, this track welcomes contributions that focus on a comprehensive examination of risk management issues in financial institutions. Academics as well as practitioners are invited to submit papers on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • The effectiveness of regulatory reforms on the financial systems.
  • The impact of risk management policies and practises on the performance of financial institutions.
  • The growth and development of disintermediation in the financial systems.
  • The relationship between risk management and corporate governance in the financial sector.
  • The high-quality data and cyber risk.


Publication opportunities:

A few papers submitted to this session and presented at the Conference will be invited to apply to a fast-track and/or a special issue in the Journal of Financial Management, Markets and Institutions (JFMMI) ISSN 2282-717X,