Conference Theme

Market globalization has quickly turned into a global crisis that has affected consumption, industrial production and social welfare, especially in advanced economies. Value creation has become much more difficult and companies have been facing new and changing risks generated by this competitive environment. This new economic scenario, characterized by a high level  of uncertainty, forced the firms to tackle the management of both internal and external risks. In addition, changes in competitiveness promoted the development of a new doctrinal approach to manage risk, with the goal of improving business performance and creating value.
The conference focuses on risk management as a process through which private, public and state-owned organizations deal with the uncertainties connected to their activities. Indeed, the current globalization of business activities dramatically exposed organizations to several new risks from a legal, economic, social and reputational perspective. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze in which ways managerial systems can support firms in avoiding or reducing the negative effects correlated to risks and to discuss about how innovative models of risk-management have settled new goals, such as defining corporate social responsibility and compliance with  human rights. In addition, the legal analysis should be included to properly address all the predictable outcomes from the expansion of the risk-management field of application.
This conference focuses on the progresses on risk exposures’ measurement and management. Both theoretical and practical studies are encouraged. The Conference aims at developing more effective tools and solutions for the future and, consequently, papers challenging traditional schemes, and adopting multi-disciplinary approaches, are strongly encouraged.
The Department of Management of the University of Torino invites papers submissions and fully-formed panels proposals for this 1st International Conference on Risk Management. Panel proposals should include at least 3 papers by scholars who have agreed in advance to participate and that should identify one or two discussants, who may also be paper presenters. Parallel sessions will be scheduled during the second day.

The Conference will be organized in two days. The first day will comprise a keynote address and round tables on the Conference themes. The second day will be devoted to the parallel sessions of papers and selected panels on various aspects of risk management.