Environmental risk management

Scientific Director: Prof. Riccardo Beltramo and Prof. Eleonora Bonifacio

 The panel deals with the concepts of risk, the environment and their relationships.

In particular, the panel aims at examining the environmental risks under different perspectives – natural hazards, human impacts on the environment – and the scientific, managerial and physical tools able to cope with them. The evaluation and management of environmental risks and economic impacts ask for the cooperation of multicultural research groups, which work together to share and integrate methodologies. In this view, technologies play a critical role in monitoring operational situations and detecting data that need to be studied in order to identify trends and the existence of potential risks.

As far as the managerial perspective is concerned, the application of the Integrated Management Systems, which merges into a single management tool two or more of the internationally models of Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001), Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) and Social Responsibility (SA8000), helps companies in introducing a risk based system.

On the side of technologies, in parallel with the use of sophisticated and expensive instruments, we are assisting to the introduction of Internet of Thing based devices, a trend worthy to be studied.

A risk based system is able to evaluate, for any kind of organisation, the different quality risks according to a punctual analysis, especially in the identification and contrast to the environmental implications of the company’s processes.

Within this panel, we encourage the submission of contributions addressing the following subjects:

  • Assessment of the environmental risk;
  • Risk-based Management Systems (ISO 14001 and or 9001);
  • Risk Management;
  • Natural risk hazard;
  • IoT based risk monitoring systems.