Risk management in the public sector and in healthcare

Scientific Directors: Prof. Enrico Sorano, Prof. Paola De Bernardi, Prof. Francesca Ricciardi

 Public and healthcare organizations are facing a profound organizational and management transformation, required to guarantee service quality in innovative and sustainable ways and in full respect of financial constraints and effective resource management.

In particular, target fulfillment presupposes socially responsible behaviour based on the principle of transparency in decision making processes, and on prevention of corruption, be it active or passive.

Regaining cost effectiveness/efficiency must not be considered as an end in itself, but rather as being necessary to put in place a sustainable development, in the framework of which risk management activities can create the conditions for improved governance, adequately supported by an effective system of performance measurement.

Activities concerning the prevention and management of risks, whether clinical or environmental in nature, of administrative and/or accounting origin or inherent to data security are to be devised within the perspective of greatest appropriateness in the use of available resources and of the safeguarding of stakeholders’ interests, by marrying the logics of economic analysis and of outcome/result.

With the aforementioned considerations in mind, publications are envisaged on the following matters:

  • Review of internal control systems to permit the creation of financial and quality management in local public organizations and in their subsidiary bodies;
  • Prevention of corruption and transparency of management actions in public companies and healthcare;
  • Prevention and management of risks associated with healthcare provision ensuring in the process improved safety of treatment and financial equilibrium in healthcare organizations;
  • Three-year plans for the Prevention of Corruption and Reports on Performance: an integrated perspective.